Since his first exposure to the real estate industry as a child, Jeffrey Sklar has pursued every aspect within the industry. From buying and selling to property management and investment, Jeffrey has done just about everything that a person can do in the field of real estate. While a significant portion of Jeffrey’s career is devoted to helping clients buy and sell property, he is also involved in real estate investment. Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to increase income, and it’s something that every investor should consider. Jeffrey believes this is a very good industry to get into for a couple important reasons, one being you do not need credit, anyone with education on buying and selling can began to purchase and rent out homes. You also do not need an extreme amount of capital, just enough to pursue homes in escrow and you do not need major assets.

When people ask Jeffrey Sklar for real estate investment advice, his most important suggestion is to save and start small. Investing in real estate ultimately depends on an investor’s current economic situation. An investor who has money saved in the bank or who can save money quickly will find it easier to purchase a second home to rent out to tenants. Purchasing a second property is the easiest step to becoming a landlord. With each additional property that’s purchased, an investor diversifies his or her portfolio and moves closer to financial independence. When buying homes to rent out to tenants it is important to understand that when becoming a landlord you take on many responsibilities of the house, and must have the adequate funds to keep up with regular maintenance that each tenant might need.

Once a property is purchased Jeffrey Sklar recommends paying off the property as quickly as possible. He also recommends putting down as much money as possible during the initial purchase. If you are in a position to put down over half of the money needed to make a purchase it is beneficial to you in the long run, because you will be able to start your recoupable amount of income quicker than if you were to put down a smaller amount of money in the initial process of buying a home to invest in. Jeffrey believes both of these strategies will help the investor start generating income quickly. Unlike many other assets, real estate is tangible. Driving past the property, negotiating rent, and carrying out remodeling projects are just some of the tangible benefits of owning and renting property.

When you initially purchase to rent or sell a property, Jeffrey Sklar believes it is very important to continue the upkeep, in order to create future buys and sells. Selling, buying, and renting homes are all based on how professional you can be, and how accommodating you are to your buyer and/or renter. This is very important when starting off, in order to build a clientele and acquire more properties in the future.

New investors often want to move too quickly; however, Jeffrey Sklar is quick to point out that learning how to be a successful investor often takes years. The more experience that investors acquire, the more knowledge they gain. This knowledge can then be used for future investments. When it comes to getting involved in any aspect of the real estate industry, Jeffrey recommends finding a mentor. Learning from someone who has more experience makes success easier to attain. Plus, it helps new investors avoid mistakes that they would otherwise make.

Although Jeffrey Sklar did attend a university before getting into reality, you are also able to take online courses at many accredited colleges and institutions, and even learn from some of the best in the business by showing interest in real estate blogs. While taking these classes and reading about buying and selling of homes from those who have done it for multiple years, you are able to get an inside look on the business, and acquire an online mentor that’ll greatly help you in your venture to becoming a successful real estate agent.  


Professional Overview

Jeffrey Sklar’s father and grandfather were both involved in the real estate industry. At an early age, Jeffrey learned about property management and knew that he wanted to pursue a career in real estate. In 1994 he enrolled at the University of Cincinnati and majored in finance and real estate. After graduating in 1997, he started working at Delta Realty as a manager. Today Jeffrey’s focus is on @ Realty, a boutique real estate brokerage which offers concierge services. The level of customer service that Jeffrey provides clients helps set him apart from the competition.

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Jeffrey is grateful that his career gives him the opportunity to explore the city and see more of it than most residents do. To learn more about @ Realty, visit the organization’s official site.